Tuesday, 1 February 2011

It's snowing cats'n'dogs

First up, a lesson in weather systems. St Louis (and I guess surrounding areas in the US) has this thing called the "ice storm" which is basically when it's raining and, at the same time, it gets so cold that the rain settles as ice. So bad, that ice forms in the tree-tops, weighs them down and they topple over onto power cables and pulls them out. Then, it snows on top of the ice. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ice_storm

One of these is due. In fact, it's the worst one expected in 15/20 years. It is completely bizarre as the hospital was emptying and the hotel was filling up with people "battening down the hatches" ~ all while it was actually bucketing down. In the UK, there would be no chance of snow when it was raining, here it is the opposite and everyone is kinda concerned. Not entirely sure what will happen in the next couple of days. 

In other non-cataclysmic weather event related news, Ev continued to return to normal and had a couple of physio sessions. He still seems so, so tired and it really takes it out of him but he is driven (obsessed) by building a wipeout zone in the therapy unit on his last full day. He's due to be discharged tomorrow which means we will, all too briefly, be together. Another step. Here is a photo of him multi-tasking; eating, half-sleeping and thinking about wipeout.

For me, I was able to spend a bit more quality time with Maya & Sam. We went ice-skating in the morning (yeah, I know, but Maya was so keen to go and we had promised her). For some reason, (out of season, mid-week and it raining ice....) we had the rink to ourselves. You should have seen the look on the face of the guy who served us - total shock that someone had actually tipped up. Sam loved falling over and Maya went around the edge a couple of times before letting go on the last run. Then, in the afternoon, we met up with Ben & Amelia W for a swim before going down to the "social". There was myself, Maya, Sam, Grandma Skipton, Grandad Skipton, The Wardleworths (6 of) (think Sam found a kindred spirit in Ben W) and The Rashbrooks (3 of) all collected in the corner. As seems to be the case with SDR families staying at the Residence. Missed Loup and Ev, but maybe tomorrow... Unfortunately, jet-lag was still winning so Maya wanted to go "home". 

So far, I have pretty much known what to expect the next day from updates of those we have followed ~ but ice rain was never on Facebook.... *dislike*

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