Wednesday, 2 February 2011

"Good Job Buddy!" - Day Twelve - Wednesday 2nd Feb

Against a backdrop of the bad weather (although the roads are clear enough, we have heard that flights from Chicago to Manchester are cancelled for today and tomorrow) Ev's first post-discharge PT session was scheduled but we werent sure if we would make it. However, we spoke to the hospital and they said Erica, his PT for today was there, and the hotel shuttle bus was running ok. So, we headed off a little earlier and took in a bite to eat beforehand. We bumped into the Smithsons, who were there after Ben's 11am physio. Good to have a catch up and arrange a last-night get together. Although there could be a couple of these - depending on the weather....

We met up with Erica and went through to the PT area and discussed what he had been doing before the op and in the couple of sessions since. She decided to put him on the treadmill. I looked at Loup and she gave me the look that I suspect was on my face also ~ was she looking at the notes for the right kid ? the one who was only a day out of hospital and who we were handling like a china doll. But no, up he got. He looked a bit unsure at the start but soon got into it, and wanted to go faster and faster. He did 5 minutes which Erica said was really good as usually they only did a couple of minutes to start with. He was even getting a bit giddy, but had this big smile on his face throughout.

After the treadmill (or dreadmill, of course - wipeout fans will understand why) Erica said he could go onto his walker into the next room (more incredulous looks between us....). He was a bit wobbly and he had clearly lost a bit of strength but his feet were so incredibly flat. As opposed to the "Fred Flintstone" method of propelling himself.

The "Total Gym" was next (which of course we had to rename "Total Wipeout Gym") and he did some leg pushes and he had some great control. By this time, we had silly grins on our faces. Next up, was some stand to sitting and he pushed things again. Wanting to do 100 seconds rather than the target of 60. He also did some sitting with his back just off the chair-back (building up stomach muscles) and did a real good couple of bouts of this. Erica seemed most pleased and we just stood there looking like 3 years olds who had just had a dollar bill pulled out of their ear. Ev was clearly shattered but had done so well. So proud.

Tomorrow's session is with "Mad Mike" (SDR families will know all about him) - not sure what will happen when these two get together....


  1. Chris Wordsworth2 February 2011 at 22:19

    That't brilliant Andy!!!

    And so soon!!

    Following all the way, and hoping everything continues to go great!!

    Well done to the big man!

    Take care

  2. Way to go Ev!! Wow, such fantastic progress already. Such a superstar, I've the biggest smile on my face after watching that. Get that button pressed!

    Ellen & family

  3. What a fantastic piece of footage! "I think I'm getting used to it already" Way to go Evan!

  4. That is simply amazing!!! Well done Ev, you're a superstar!!! xxx

  5. absolutely fantastic, well done little man, we're all looking forward to seeing what you're going to do next!!
    Big hugs!! xx