Tuesday, 1 February 2011

"Home" - Day Eleven - Tuesday 1st Feb

It is only 12:30 here but, for me, this has been the most nerve racking day yet. Even more so than getting here, having the op and all of the stuff which took place afterwards. Lynda had been at the hospital overnight but Maya & Sam woke me at 5am. Which wasnt a massive problem as I wanted to get to the hospital in time for Ev's PT (Physio Therapy) session at 8:30 prior to his discharge from the hospital.

However, the weather is really weird (see yesterday's blog) and the snow was starting to settle on the ice. So it was pretty treacherous. The shuttle bus got me to the hospital in time. John, the "patient security" chap (hence the gun) welcomed me with "hey, it's 8:23 - glad you made it". Then asked me to explain what a fortnight is. Think the brits are taking over...

I got to the hospital room just as Loup was loading him into the wheelchair. He is really sore and uncomfortable and transferring him to his chair hurts the most. The PTs have shown us what to do but then it's in your hands. They say we cant do too much damage but when you lift him and he cries out in agony, that's not a good feeling for a Mum or Dad to experience. 

His PT session went well and he played a couple of basketball games and he worked really hard. They seem happy enough with his progress and he is probably tougher than we think. So, it was back up to the ward to get discharged. I felt sick. We had only been in room 12E1 for a couple of days but it felt just the same as when we first took Ev home from Airedale SCBU - could we really be trusted to look after him. All on our own ? Apparently so.... We got him some valium to take the edge off the ride home (no leftovers, unfortunately). All the way, it was snow and ice and at every turn there was a chance of sliding off the road it seemed, which in itself would be bad enough but with this particular special cargo was a nightmare trip. Even though it was less than 10 minutes. However, Carlton got us "home" safe and sound and no-one has ever earned a tip as much as he did. 

That was two hours ago and Ev is safely tucked up in bed, playing on his DS. The valium has worn off and he seems chipper enough. I just asked how he was feeling and the answer was "happy" and his body is feeling "ok". The weather might well curtail our PT tomorrow but that might be a blessing in disguise. Im sure he is up for it, but we are probably less so (at the moment) - mainly because of the snow and how uncertain it makes you when you are simply popping to the shops. Never mind this particularly precious and delicate cargo. 

We know from speaking to other families that the recovery rate is phenomenal once they get going so hopefully we will all be a little bit tougher tomorrow....

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