Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Starting the goodbyes - Day 31 - Mon 21st Feb

We need to go home. We both do.

However, as clear as this is, it's actually sad to start the leaving process. I guess you become a little "institutionalised" with the routine, the surroundings and the safety of being here.

First up, we had our last PT session with "Mad Mike" - who is as brilliant as he is bonkers, and who squeezed every last drop out of today's PT. He was really pleased with Evan's progress, although he is still a little sore on his left side - particularly the hamstring. Once he is over this, he will start to feel more comfortable, take longer and steadier steps, stand firmer, and really be able to make the progress he is due.

The highlight of the session was an AWESOME Wipeout zone which Mike built and, yet again, Ev beat me...

So, we said goodbye to Mike (hopefully until the next SDR party) but walked a little slower out of floor 4.

Quick skype to back home from the canteen and then onto our second appointment of the day with Dr Park. Post-op review. It only lasted 15 minutes but he was so pleased with him. Definitely stands by his original goal that Ev will be walking unaided within the year. He has a tough year of exercises, stretches, and developments in front of him, and we, whether it be as parents, family or  friends, need to be there to support him. However, I just know that whatever we invest in Ev will be returned with interest. Dr Park is a man of few words, but it is clear that we have a great responsibility going forward - but how can we not take that on when we have come so far. Dr Park has "simply" given Ev the tools, and he can now go on from here, using those tools.

Once we had done the hospital stuff we met up with Wayne and Charlotte for lunch at The Cheesecake Factory (nice surroundings, good food, reasonable prices) before we headed back to the hotel where they played together for a couple of hours. We have been really lucky in that we have had Ben, Jacob, Amelia, Annabelle, Jack, Holly and Lucy to spend time with while we were here but the obvious bond between Ev and Charlotte is clear to see. They just get on so well, and I cant say how privileged we are that they came to visit us, and accompany us home.

So, just a couple of days left. Tomorrow we have our last PT with Erica (from America) and a couple of other things planned. As I said, Im not great at leaving places, and saying goodbye, but we need to go home. We both do.

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