Monday, 7 February 2011

Getting used to it - Day 17 - Monday 7th Feb

After a couple of "days off" we were back to it today. We had PT with Mike at 11am, so were still able to have a leisurely stroll to breakfast, then do a bit of homework (just in case Loup is reading this...) before we headed off to the hospital. Was actually quite mild today and a hoody was fine to stay warm (esp as we are pretty much "door to door" with the shuttle bus). Pretty much same temperatures as back home today. 

PT was a combination of treadmill (10 minutes, spread over a couple of rest periods) and a mechanism which led to him being christened "puppet boy". Basically, a series of belts, buckles and braces within a metal frame which support his body so he could then be wheeled around to do backwards and sideways walking. All of the physios are so great and Ev never really realises that he is exercising.... certainly in comparison to his stretches which are hard work for him. 

We got back to the room just in time to Skype Loup, Maya, Sam and Grandma Silsden. It's obviously difficult for Ev, and i'm sure he is very homesick, but he hasnt shown it. I've tried to turn it into as much fun as possible (we are "big journey buddies"), and im sure im spoiling him a bit more than usual and being more lenient on his "screen-time" but he's doing ok. Unfortunately, he seems to go quiet when it comes to talk of home, and especially when we skyped home. God knows what is going on in his head - so it's understandable that he withdraws a little bit when he sees everyone. I think it will get better over time. He also got a call from Grandma&Grandad Skipton and didnt want to talk much.

We got the call from the hospital to say that his second op is scheduled for 11am - which is the "second slot" so we need to be at the hospital 9:45 (3:45pm UK) for the op at 11 (5pm UK). He can apparently have clear liquids until 7:30am but that doesnt seem intuitively right - so will need to have a word with other parents who have been through the same - thanks to the wonderful SDR Facebook page. (It's not all about "poking people", having farms, being a mafia boss, raising virtual goldfishes, etc. ).

As his plaster has pretty much come off and his scar is healing nicely we can even go for a swim. Which, after the op tomorrow (actually, it's a procedure...) we wont be able to do - so it's the only chance. He loved it - we met up with Holly & Lucy - just a day in and they are getting on really well. They aren't his girlfriends !!!! (Ev would strongy like to point out - they are friends who are girls). He is hosting a Scooby Doo DVD party later on. His NOT-chat-up line was "would you like to come to my room and watch a DVD".... 

Not sure what tomorrow will bring - it's supposedly straight-forward (touch wood, touch wood, touch wood, ...) but still something else to worry about. Plus I wont have Loup with me - I promised her I would look after him, but know she will be very concerned and distracted tomorrow (or today, if you are reading this Tuesday morning) as well as being the first day back at work/school-runs since she got back. Ev will be in great hands at the hospital, I'll be ok, but im sure Loup will be in equally great hands if the messages of support are anything to go by. Thanks in advance for looking after her.... 

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