Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Running out of days - Day 32 - Tuesday 22nd February

I suppose it is always the case when you are away from home - you cant wait to get back, but you keep finding new things to do, as you find out more about your new, temporary, home.

Today, was another in a series of "last...." days. We had our last PT with Erica who, along with Mike, have been the two PTs we have mainly dealt with (plus "hi!" to Gosia, Nicole, Mackenzie and Sarah). Every time I think of our time with Erica I see three things; firstly - the day after his second op - excruciating, but Erica said it was always like this (worse, sometimes...) and it was worth it in the long run - so, so true !, secondly - her "chucking" him on the treadmill on his first PT after discharge when we had been treating him like a china-doll and finally the constant reverberations of "good job buddy!" and the smile that met any new "trick" he has developed. Today and yesterday, we walked out of the PT suite on floor 4, knowing that we perhaps wouldnt see these guys again in a professional capacity - but they have truly helped changed Evan's life. No less than that !

So, we had a slightly flat lunch, but were cheered up by a skype home. However, I so need to give out real, rather than virtual hugs to Loup, Maya and Sam. I'm fed up of kissing goodbye to the webcam.

We spent the rest of the day with Wayne and Charlotte - firstly watching a bit of EPL (English Premier League, obviously) and then moved onto the Scottrade stadium to watch the St Louis Blues. Bit bigger than the Billikens, yet equally bonkers.

Unfortunately, they lost - but it didnt really matter too much (aside from the score, 3-4, we didnt really understand much of what was going on - they may or may not have been the better team....).

Tomorrow is our last full day, last session of PT (with newbie to us, Blair), and then hopefully visit the Arch, and a nice night finish up. Oh, yes, and I guess i'd better start packing....

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