Friday, 18 February 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy - Day 27 - Thursday 17th Feb

A very busy day today, albeit with a slow start. Ev woke up at 7am (oh, how I hope that continues when we get home....) and we got ready (which included a set of good stretches - left hamstring and heel-cord are definitely still a bit sore. Will need to work on this) then sauntered down to breakfast at 9am (for the last half-hour).

A few weeks of cooked breakfast gets a bit much, so I have been on Frosties, OJ and Coffee for the last couple of weeks. I know - brit abroad.... Ev was still a bit fed up as his tooth wasnt for moving, but I managed to get him to tuck in. On the way to the lift, back to the room, Ev tugged on my sleeve and gave me a big grin. Actually, one little bit less than a big grin. His tooth had come out - we arent sure where. So - not only do we have to handle the UK/US conversion of the tooth fairy, there is a missing piece of evidence to consider as well. Try explaining how this will work out...

We popped up to see the Fox family and make arrangements to meet up later in the day and then back down to the room to Skype home. Even Sam, the usually elusive youngest child made a visit. Im sure he has missed us, but he hasnt wanted to speak to us before, but he wanted to have a proper conversation with Ev and said "I've been to America with you....". He can even spell out his name on the PC and send it as a skype-message. The little things you miss....

Then we were at the hospital for an 11am PT session with Mike. This went well, Ev walked 13 minutes and 4 seconds at 0.6 mph. Which we think is a great achievement. Most treadmills start at 0.5mph but specialist PT ones go down to 0.2mph. However, Mike and Erica think we can get a standard one - and it will be fine for him. Plus easier to source. He also did a bit on the total gym and a small wipeout zone. I lost, again. So I am 0-2 in the Whitton Wipeout Challenge. 

Quick lunch then called the shuttle bus to get back to the hotel. Ev had a piece of homework - I got him to write his letter to the Tooth Fairy - strange, he is willing to do some writing when there are dollars in it for him ! He also wanted to do another circuit. The trick with homework, whether PT or school, is to make it look like something else. So, his circuit target was to go further than yesterday. Which he did with flying colours. It is shown here, in it's entirety (over two parts):

We had an hour, in which Ev took a well-deserved rest, and we stumbled across the American version of "Hole in the Wall". Crikey, it was poor. The "good" (?) thing about the UK version (I sincerely hope) is that 
it's done tongue in cheek - whereas the US version is kinda serious - and dont get me started on the catchphrase ("show me the hole in the wall !!!"....). Anyway, I digress... We had a quick "good-night skype" with Loup who is struggling with scurryings in the attic. Possibly, Mice, Squirrels or very heavy footed Spiders.... and then met up with the Foxes for an early dinner. The reason for this was that we had to get back for Winter Wipeout. Priorities!

As it was such a nice evening, and we were a little early, we took a little walk and found a nice street of bars. We sat outside one bar and had a drink, while the kids played on their DS' of course! It was quite humid, yet relaxed and reminded me of an evening on an early summer holiday. As I mentioned previously, this isnt a holiday but now that we have only a few PT sessions left and our friends are joining us, there is the opportunity to turn this into something resembling a holiday. Ev's been through a lot - we simply take for granted sometimes what we are putting them through - so he deserves a little fun. Real shame that we cant include the whole family but we will try our best.

The day still wasnt finished - we had a lovely meal at Applebee's and then got back to the hotel in time for PJ's on, teeth brushed, and positioned ready to watch Winter Wipeout. 

As I said last week, there is nothing more wonderful than sitting with your child watching something like this. When the first break kicked in, Ev said "that was the best 11 minutes of my life". 

Money well spent then...

Once it was finished I had to try and get him to wear his night braces and, as he was starting to rub a little on one heel, I was looking forward to this even less than I expected. However, as with everything this trip, he simply said "ok" and let me put them on. He's asleep now. Happy little soldier, after a busy long day ! 

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