Monday, 31 January 2011

Hugs - Day Nine - Sunday 30th Jan

Since the last blog we have been joined by Maya&Sam, as well as "Grandma&Grandad Skipton". It was a bit worrying as their flight from Chicago to St Louis was also cancelled (like ours). However, we eventually got update of their flight so knowing it was just landing at STL I headed back to the hotel. Dead excited to see them.  I sat in the lobby for the best part of an hour and every time the doors opened I sat up in expectation, Eventually  a GoBest bus pulled up and it was them. Maya was first out and we had our "railway children" moment. Sam was half asleep but clung onto me like a limpet. As good as it was to see them, I hadnt calculated for them being on UK time when I was on US time. So 2am was "fun".... I must admit I passed them down the corridor at 4:20 so I could get a couple of hours sleep.... 

Everyone was excited to get to the hospital so we jumped on the shuttle bus and headed down there. I warned the kids that Mum and Evan would be tired and that he would have all his wires in - so they shouldnt be worried about what they saw. Well - Loup looked as bright and lovely as usual and Ev was laid there, no wires, happily playing on his DS. An unbelievable turnaround from little over 12 hours previous. Hugs all round.

Next up was the first physio session. Another milestone on Evan's Big Journey. Gosia, his PT for today showed us how to move him in and out of his wheelchair. Literally a 5 minute session but he was wiped out after that. Grandma&Grandad Skipton were able to "babysit" so we popped round the corner to Applebee's for lunch with Maya & Sam. It was great to be able to do it, but a little sad that although we were together we still have to be apart. Being in the hospital is boring for the others and obviously Ev cant join in at the moment. However, it's the best we can do so we are very grateful.

After lunch, Ev had another PT session and we moved to the 4th floor this time. He was a little uncomfortable but did way better than we might have hoped just 24 hours earlier. Really proud and, touch wood, there are the signs that he is retaining his ability and spirit to succeed.

I convinced Loup that I should stay with Ev this evening and that she needs to get out of the hospital and spend time with the kids. Me'n'Ev will be fine, i'm sure Loup trusts me but she is his "mom" (well, when in Rome...) but I can see it's difficult (heart wrenching) to not be there when he needs her. I was going to say she needs to get some sleep but with a jet-lagged Sam, im not sure if that is on the cards or not.... Did I volunteer for a night at the hospital to get some sleep ? As they say here, I'll take the fifth.....

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