Friday, 18 February 2011

Got that Friday feeling ! - Day 28 - Fri 18th Feb

Everything seems blue today. In a good way. The sky is the most clear blue, and the trip to the hospital, with the clear city landscape around us was amazing. Michael, the shuttle driver was playing some Muddy Waters and was telling us about a few places where you could catch the blues. Hopefully, we will do that on Sunday.

We are also going to watch the St Louis Blues (Ice Hockey) on Tuesday and the Billikens (who play in blue) tomorrow. The reason for this more tourist like activity - well, we are being joined in St Louis by our great friend Wayne and his daughter, Charlotte. While Ev knows that Wayne is joining us, he doesnt know about Charlotte coming. I cant wait to see the look on his face. Which will actually be in the next hour, they have just landed as I write this. It will be so good for Evan - he has been through so much, and im sure he is SO bored of spending all his time with me. So, in amongst the last couple of PT sessions and some PT homework, we will try and get out and about. Weather permitting... there is the still the chance that it could turn for the worse. 

Earlier in the day, we had skyped school which was absolutely great (although was a little shy to start with) and the PT with Erica was great also. Did some really good work - am constantly amazed by his effort. Afterwards, I said "good work, Ev!" and he said "No it wasnt work- it's just exercise..."

Apologies for the shorter blog than usual, but we have to go get ready for our guests, and let the weekend begin. 

Sure aint got the blues ....... !!!!

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