Saturday, 24 December 2011

Evan's Big Christmas Message - 24th Dec 2011

So, it's Christmas Eve and it's pretty much the same as last year -kids full of nervous excitement, little bit of last minute shopping and to-do list mounting up. Except, it isnt of course, and it's been a roller-coaster of a year but we thought we would let Ev speak for himself in this Christmas blog. (By the way, these are genuinely his real answers - word for word...)

So Evan, how would you describe 2011 - "fantasmagorically brilliant"

and what was the best bit - "learning to walk"

and what are you most looking forward to in 2012 - "the Queen’s Jubilee"

and what any personal targets for you - "my personal target is to get up to standing independently for 20 minutes straight"

and do you think you’ll do that - "yeah, cos I bet I can do anything"

and what do you miss about america - "I miss Erica, Mike and everyone else I met especially Dr Park cos he is MY BIG HERO!!"

and how proud are you of what you have achieved this year. "hmm - over Mars"

and how brilliant have all the people been who have helped you - "I think they have done extendedly good
. they have been helping me over the level that they should be and I am really happy about that"

Earlier this year, you left Aire View - have you got any message for them - "Just want to say that I really really miss you and I will visit any time you want "

and how are you enjoying Hothfield - "I'm enjoying it fine. Miss Ilsley is a really good teacher a if you got her you’d be over the moon too "

and what about all you new helpers and friends "they are fine and they are really good"

And now some guest questions:
I would like to know how many steps you can walk now? "292 steps in one go"
Can you get from sitting on the floor to standing ? "yes, but it's a bit tricky" (and are you going to work on that) - "sure I am, yeah of course"
You are such a brave boy and I hope you enjoy turning on the Christmas lights in Silsden. - "I
enjoyed it all right but I was nervous and then ker-bam i did it !!!!"

Hi Ev, we just wanted to know how you feel about being our local superstar and whether it's a bit weird everyone knowing who you are? "I feel ok about it and yeah, it’s quite weird but interesting." (how about when you are in Silsden and everyone says 'hi') - "I feel ok about that and it’s a bit normal"

Hi Evan :-) We would love to know, what has been the best bit about having SDR for you - "I got to learn to walk"
what have been the best changes "instead of me just thinking like I used to, I just stand up and do it"
oh and Jack wants to know, is total wipeout still your favourite show :-) "yes it is, and Horrible Histories and say hi to Jack for me"
Lots of love Ev, you are doing amazing XXX

Do you have one last thing to say "I’d like to say thank-you to everyone in England and Merry Christmas"