Saturday, 12 February 2011

Tired - Day 21 - Friday 11th Feb

Im struggling to know what to write today. In many respects it's groundhog day - we wake up, we try to stay in bed a little while - Ev with his Scooby DVD while I catch up on the online updates that have occured overnight (given that we are 6 hours behind), we go to breakfast, we have PT, we try to kill some time, we get back to the hotel, bit more online catch up - as people are usually heading to bed back home, and then Ev will go to bed and I will try and find something to watch on TV before I go to bed as well.

However, that's only really a template and each day has many different things to try and report. For instance, we tried to do some walking on his frame this morning (before and after breakfast) but he really struggled. At one point he was in floods of tears and I couldnt work out why. It was made even worse by him sobbingly apologising to me. Once we got to PT we did agree he is a little sore on his left side and it took a lot of stretching to be able to get him onto the treadmill (which he then did really well - the amount of effort he wants to put into PT for Erica and Mike fills me with so much pride and I hope you can see some of this effort and determination in the video clips which we have put online). One thing for me to try is to remove his plaster on his left hamstring as it could be that which is irritating him rather than anything deeper. If you look at this video clip you will see that he is a little more tentative on his left hand side. I almost cant watch it without wanting to go and hug him.

But, in that respect, im quite lucky. As I can go and hug him. 

Ev was so tired that he asked to go to bed at about 4pm.Which was just the time that Loup skyped us after visiting some friends. I was also in the middle of trying to remove the plaster. What followed was an awful 20 minutes. Ev insisted that I continue, against my better judgement, as he knew it needed doing (far too grown up...), but Loup had to watch online, totally helpless, as he screamed with agony while I managed to ease it off. I swear that I did it as gently as possible, and it was probably only a minute - less probably - but that last bit of pulling off a plaster is always awful. I cant believe how difficult it was for Loup to watch. But, as bad as it was, the following 20 minutes were the sort you just wish you could bottle and enjoy over and over again. We managed to to calm Ev down with the promise of reading his book; Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He insisted on listening to me, but being laid so that he could look at Loup. 4,000 miles away, but so close he could see her smile...

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  1. shazza072@aol.com14 February 2011 at 21:59

    wow, cant even think how you two are getting through this and how Evan just takes things in his stride, this is one blog that really got to me. Loup: your little boy is with his daddy and when you can put your arms around him, everything will be okay xxx