Saturday, 5 February 2011

Coming and Going - Day Fourteen - Friday 4th Feb

Today we said farewell (for now) to the Wardleworths and the Smithsons. It's been unbelievable really - three families having the same operation, in the same city, within 3 weeks of each other and we all live within 20 miles of each other. While we knew all about Ben's Wish to Walk and had met beforehand - we didnt meet Annabelle and her family until our first night ( However, Ben (Belle's dad) used to work in Skipton and , knows some of my friends and relatives. Also, we both had the same benefactor for our ball as well (which took place within two weeks of each other). Small world. Very small world. It really doesnt seem like two weeks ago - we have made some really good friendships already - including Jack and his family. Im sure that we will all meet up as soon as possible, back in the UK. (Thanks to both families for the ration packs - will keep us going for a while).

However, as they leave we look forward to the Fox family from Manchester. ( and hope that we can help them settle in. 

We had two appointments with Evan today. One with Dr Dobbs who is scheduled to perform procedures on his hamstrings and his right heel cord. Basically (and I apologise to the guys at SLCH for getting this wildly wrong), the spasticity has tightened these areas so they "tweak" the muscles to lengthen them a little bit. They use a slightly different technique to avoid "over-lengthening" which can be a common problem. In the scheme of things, it's a relatively straight-forward outpatient procedure (fingers, arms, legs and eyes crossed) but still a concern for us. However, Ben (S) and Annabelle (W) were both ok within the day. They even suggest a return to physio the day after. Should also be another 4am start...

The second appointment was another PT session with Erica. Another go on the treadmill - loads of improvement (planting his feet better and further forward), total gym (way better control), and then a hybrid game of rugby/soccer/american football - which Evan won despite being on both Blues and Reds (and Erica lost, despite being on Reds and Blues). If I can find the USB cable I will upload some more video - suspect it has been "Sam'd" - it's going to be quiet around here next week...


  1. Wow Evan! I've just been catching up with your news and watching you on the treadmill - fantastic!!

  2. Just watched Evan on the treadmill, with tears of joy for you all. You must be so proud of him and all your children. Kyle and Alicia were laughing at him wanting to go faster and Alicia said his new legs "were working"
    It really is a "journey" for you all eh!
    Love Gayle, Chris, Kyle and Alicia Sharp