Monday, 21 February 2011

Evan Whitton's Day Off (The Sequel) - Day 30 - Sun Feb 20th

Day 30.

4 sleeps. 

Despite a busy time yesterday, the arrival of another sunny day and our last "free day" in St Louis, especially with our friends from the UK, meant that we simply had to take advantage. However, Ev had some PT homework to do first. He walked to breakfast in his walker, and then afterwards we went up to R301 to wish goodbye to Jack, Melissa and Anthony. Ev walked all the way. We met a scene which we will create ourselves in a couple of days time - a family closing down and heading for home. To be reunited with the ones we left at home. We wished them well, and i'm sure we will meet up at the next SDR party. Another set of friends which we have made. We wish them well on their own big journey - both over the next day or so, but in the future as well. 

After finishing off some good PT - the rest yesterday had certainly helped and he did some good balancing and sit-to-stands (with pinkies). We then took things at a more leisurely pace and the four of us (Myself, Evan, Wayne and Charlotte) got a cab to "The Loop". This was the name of an old tram stop in this area and it has been converted into a 6 block stretch of shops, restaurants, and (gulp) bars. We sat outside a bar to start with and had a drink - I was a little concerned that we needed sunblock - genuinely !. We then had a wander round, it was pretty much the same feel as Covent Garden, although a little bit more "studenty", bit more bohemian and a bit more chilled (and no guys doing the silver painted statue thing).

We took a late lunch at Blueberry Hill, which gets penned as a St Louis "theme restaurant" but it's a little bit more "real" than that. Food was great, but I must admit that i'll be happy to get home and have a detox for a few weeks....PLUS - I will still never get over the fact that my favourite new drink (Schlafly Heifenweiz - a pale ale) occasionally comes served with a slice of lemon, but it's definitely a "beer". (kind of like Copper Dragon Golden Pippin).

Then we headed across the road to FroYo - which is a frozen yoghurt shop. This was a recommendation of Steph on the front desk and she was spot-on. As with Pappy's yesterday, there was a long queue - no greater recommendation than that. You can choose from any flavour you wish, and then it gets weighed at the end. Was lovely, just what we needed in the sunny evening. (honestly, if you had been here two-and-a-half weeks ago people were scared stiff of the ice-rain and today were out in shorts and t-shirts)

Quick jump into a taxi and head home for quick skype with Mums (although blighted with technical difficulties....) and where Ev and Char played for a little while. They always play really nicely together and it was good to see Ev have someone else to play with. However, they were both tired (and perhaps there were a couple of tired Dads as well...). So, an early night it was. 

Big week coming up.....

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