Sunday, 6 February 2011

Home Alone - Day 15 - Saturday 5th Feb

Today was a day that none of us was really looking forward to - but it had to be done to get us to "phase 3" of the Journey. Phase 1 being the Op, Phase 2 being the Family reunion and Phase 3 being the Physio / rehab.

So much time and soul-searching was spent on the best way to organise the trip. Each way we came up with had so many "con's" but, out of all the ways we came up with, this was the "least worst". However, we have to do what we have to do so we got on with it. You will often hear people say "I'd do anything for my kids" - us included, and this is simply that. We just hope that the negative impact of the trip on the whole family is only temporary. As we know the positive impact will be fantasmagorical.

We distracted ourselves with packing and relocating rooms (myself and Ev moving into a smaller room) and then a breakfast where Sam said goodbye to his new friends, who were very taken with him (as most are - especially the ones who dont have to keep up with him). "He's so busy...". Yes, that would cover it...

Even though we had ran through the schedule so many times, when it came to it, it was harder than when seen written down. Wonderful and sweet Maya, who had seemed ok on the trip so far, was very teary but we had a chat and she was fine. Sam, the lovely, lovely, Whirlwind, came up to me and said "I want to stay with you Daddy". We didnt think he understood. On the other hand, Loup was obviously so torn to leave Ev. And then, before we knew it, they were gone. Ev had been handling it fine so far and was even saying we should leave the others in the lobby and go back to our new room. Although when we headed back to the room his lip was quivering and he said he wanted everyone to come back - especially Mummy.

So we sat and watched some tv but he even switched that off and said he just wanted to lay on the sofa for three weeks. Loup called from the airport, and eventually Ev cheered up. We managed to have a nice day, but with lack of PT and no-one around (snow, weekend, etc ?) it seemed very lonely. As I wanted to keep an eye on the flights we stayed at home which meant that it dragged a bit - a 2 hour delay at Chicago cant have been much fun for the travellers but it was also difficult for us as well. We just wanted them to get home safe and sound. As I write this they have just set off in the last hour and should hopefully be home when we wake up.

So much looking forward to when we can Skype them tomorrow. Only 20 sleeps 'til we are a family together at home again.

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  1. This must be a very difficult time for you all and we hope it passes quickly for you. I am sure you will be very busy every day so hopefully that will help. Take care!