Sunday, 17 February 2013

We went for a walk - Saturday 16th February

This isnt a blog about some big stuff, no announcement or anniversary - just some big small stuff :)

Saturday is usually reserved for "doing stuff", "catching up" and "sorting out". It usually starts with a mad-dash to get Evan to an early swim session which also acts as physio (and is having great results in terms of strength, tone and confidence) and then remains busy for the rest of the weekend. Not that this seems to be different from many, if not most, of our friends.

On the days that we dont venture out it's usually raining. Or snowing. However, this weekend there was a week off swimming and it wasn't raining - although I still had some errands to do and Loup said we should then take the opportunity to get Ev to do extra physio - but rather than do these tasks separately I asked Ev if he wanted to join me for a walk.

So we set off - with our list of stuff to do - Bakers, Butchers, Building Society and Cobblers.

I spend lots of time with Ev but contact can be very utilitarian - pushing him (or even walking with him) to school, helping him get changed or around the house, going to appointments, etc but this was different. Over the winter he has got stronger and we were able to walk with him having a "soft hand" (so he wasnt grabbing me like I was a bannister).

We actually had a really nice walk into town. We walked to the bakers, visited the butchers, popped into the branch and then collected some of his school shoes which had been in for repair. Along the way we saw loads of friends - also taking opportunity of the fine weather - as well as plenty of others who clearly recognised Ev and commented "doing well...".

As a reward we even popped into a local cafe for a sausage butty. As we sat there, Ev helping me with my share of the butty (one each next time!), he commented "this is nice" and "perhaps we can do this next week as well".

Yes, it was - and yes we can.