Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Three sentences - Day Three - Mon 24th Jan

On 16th April, 2004, a nurse took me to one side and said "Evan is a poorly little boy, and he probably wont make it".

On 21st May 2005, his paediatric consultant told us "Evan has Cerebral Palsy"

On 24th January 2011, Dr TS Park said "Evan, you will walk".

Quite an overwhelming day - although it sits along lots of other overwhelming days recently, so it might take a while to sink in. The whole team that work with Dr Park have been fantastic, whether it is in the past few months or when we met them today. The first port of call was to watch a video which explained about SDR. We then met with Deanne the physio who did an evaulation, and we also met James Lee who has been the contact throughout. We then met the very well renowned, and truly world famous Dr Park. Evan was a bit tired and got a bit giddy but they all still seemed to really take to him.

One thing that was confirmed (as was to be expected really) is that Evan will more than likely need the hamstring and heel-cord ops, and that is likely to be after the others have gone back. However, it should be just day surgery - so I should be able to cope with that. Will get confirmation later on.

Dr Park was really impressed with how quickly Evan moved around the room. After a run through of some exercises he then got him to wiggle his toes while holding his leg and he then said that he will walk and will even be playing sports within 12 months. In such a matter of fact way that we almost felt a bit daft for thinking it an unreachable goal. There were lots of other things to consider of course, and there will be so much work to do afterwards but it will be so worth it.

On leaving the hospital, we took a trip on the Metrolink (think part train, part tube, part roller-coaster - no, really....) to a shopping mall (The Galleria). It was a bit of an experience, to say the least, but Ev was able to buy "Wipeout :The Game" which you can only get in the US. I asked Ev what the highlight of his day was and it was, of course, getting the game - not the promise of being able to walk. Wish I was 6 again, things are so much simpler....

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  1. This is fantastic news. Really please for you all

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