Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Waiting game

The days are steadily counting down and we are at both the "number of sleeps" stage (19) and the "number of work days" (10 for me, 7 for Loup). Loup is back at work today and I return tomorrow, while the kids are back at school tomorrow and Thursday. It's been really good to have so much time off with them - much has been spent as pyjama days - and so we have just chilled out and charged the batteries. 

It's interesting to see the impact the trip is having on the kids. Evan is, as ever, taking it in his stride and I am continuously impressed with how he copes with what's ahead of him. We have called ourselves "Big Journey Buddies" and I have been teaching him all about room service - unfortunately, he now thinks the trip will be spent in bed, watching tv and ordering room service.... Sam, being 3, doesnt really understand but the other day he was playing with his teddy and he was telling him about going to America - so he obviously does pick up on things. Maya is clearly more worried about things but is, on the whole, coping admirably with what must be a very confusing time for her. It reminds me very much of when Loup was in hospital, prior to Evan being born, and she was just over 18 months old. I'm taking her out for a "Maya & Daddy day" on Saturday and am very much looking forward to spoiling her and being wrapped around her little finger.... as well as having a chance to talk about the trip with her. It's been so hectic in the last six months that one-to-one time is rather rare.

Anyway, must go - can't waste my pyjama day on here all day.... ;)

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