Monday, 24 January 2011

Jet-lag - Day Two - Sun Jan 23rd

If you have kids and know the problems associated with the clocks going back/forward and working out when to give them their tea and "what time is it 'for them' "- well, times that by 6 (at least, and you will know how much fun we have had today). Ev woke up at 3:30am - which, even though 9:30 UK time still meant that he only had had 7 hours sleep, on top of the 6 hours from the night before. 

So, we knew we had to take it easy, and thanks to a free day we certainly could. Although being stuck in a hotel room, as nice as it is, isnt easy in itself. I managed to hunter/gather a tub of frosties from the in-house hotel shop and so Ev had these at 5am-ish. Which put him onto 7am when we had "proper breakfast" where Ev ate the biggest blueberry waffle ever seen - with maple syrup. Coffee fantastic, by the way. We then did a couple of calls and Skypes before I headed off to the supermarket for yet more hunter/gathering type activity. 

There was plenty of snow today - and although they seemed to cope with it - you still get the same tales about not being prepared. Everything's different, but everything's the same....

We tried to get Ev to have a nap but he wasnt interested but we had arranged to meet the Smithsons (Ben's family) as well as the Wardleworths who were also here. We werent sure if he would be tired, grumpy, narky,  sullen or any other number of the seven dwarves. However, as always, he stepped up and was lovely but slightly tired. Midway through his meal he was literally eating with his eyes closed but, miraculously, Ben mentioned that Total Wipeout was on in the USA and he was wide awake. In the end, he made it as far as the lift before succumbing to sleep. 

I managed to watch the last 5 minutes of the second NFL semi final (dont think they call it that, but that's what it is...) which actually takes about 20 minutes. Not sure how long the final takes but I will certainly be trying to catch it. Think im going with Pittsburgh as I wanted Chicago to win (well, we flew via there) but Green Bay beat them. It's as good a reason as any, I guess. 

Speaking to all of the guys this evening reminded us of the real reason why we are here and I will admit we havent really spoken about the detail of this particular "elephant in the room" much, but tomorrow we have to face up to things as we have our first appointment at the Childrens' hospital. 1 pm (7pm uk time) but it's just an intro I think so nothing too much. I dont doubt that they are fantastic, as all the reports seem to confirm but this particular bridge that we have to cross is only a few steps away. 

Well, in "UK time" I have been up for 18 hours and in "US time" I have been up for 18 hours, so will call it a day....G'night. (well, it is "for me")

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  1. Kieran hill is wishing Evan all the best and can't wait for Evan to be back at school.