Thursday, 6 January 2011

Bit of a do (x2)

Hi, just realised that some of the followers of this blog might not know about the last couple of events and might be interested in attending. In reverse order, the last scheduled event is at Lazeez Curry House in Keighley. This establishment has relocated from Silsden and was, on many occasions, a favourite haunt of the Yummy Mummies. It was here that one of the early curry eating / wine drinking fundraising planning sessions took place. Lazeez agreed to host one of their Charity nights. It's a set meal and 50% goes to Evan's Big Journey. You can see the details at Lazeez Curry Night.

Two nights before that, on Friday 14th January, there is our gig/party - to be held at Sunnybank Social Club in Silsden. When we first started fundraising at work, an email was sent out as word had start to spread and people were starting to think about different ideas. So we wanted to try and co-ordinate everything. Within 5 minutes of the email going out, I got an email from someone at Cleckheaton branch - saying that they managed a band ~ "The Syndicates"  ~ and could they help. I said "of course" and took the details. I then spoke to Sunnybank (scene of the 24 hour snooker later on) and they said we could have the room on Friday 14th Jan. Which was way before we had a date for the trip. So, I organised this for that night. As it happens, it is the week before we go ~ so it gives us a real opportunity to celebrate the end of the first few steps, before we fly off to St Louis the week after. If you are interested, tickets are still available (£7 - which includes Pie&Pea supper).

So, these last couple of steps and the fundraising will be done.


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