Wednesday, 12 January 2011

10 sleeps......

An early start this morning. Ev usually wakes up around 4:30/5:30am to nip to the toilet and, being a clever chap, he knows to call for me.... (Loup being harder to wake up than a bear in midwinter ;) - after that I couldnt sleep - so after an hour trying I cut my losses and came downstairs. Quick cup of tea, and another run through the paperwork and the lists. Oh, the lists. So many things to do - cat sitters to sort, do a bit more work on the itinerary, sort out the travel cash and also mainly the plans for Friday night. The kids eventually woke about 6:45, and while it was good to have a bit of quiet time I was really looking forward to them waking up for once. I'd normally enjoy some peace & quiet, but these days it's a "luxury" im happy to go without. Although perhaps not at 4:30!

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