Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Anticipation - Day Five - Wednesday 26th January

After a relatively quiet day yesterday, we had quite a lot to do at the hospital - so it was almost a good job that Ev woke up at 5:45... It's a bit of a shame that he will just about be back on track when he goes into hospital, especially as we will need an even earlier start tomorrow. 

Anyway, we had a quick breakfast and headed off to the hospital for a 9am videoed physio assessment. Ev was on top form, although his nervousness seems to manifest itself in quite strange ways - he keeps wanting to box with the staff at the hospital.... However, a warning that this might lead to removal of DS playing privileges calms him down. Of course, we just dont know what is going on in his head. If he feels the same way that we do, then he is coping so fantastically well. Think it has been good to see Ben and Annabelle (both post-op) so he can see that everything turns out fine. 

We had a couple of other appointments which meant that we might have missed skyping with Maya but luckily the hospital is fully wifi-enabled so we simply connected up in the canteen and, with massive help from Sue, Darren and my Mum and Dad, we managed to get 5 minutes. She was a bit quiet - but I cant imagine how it is for her - she's being really good. Sam was also quiet when we skyped him earlier. Although he always smiles when he sees Ev. Cant wait to see her and Doodle (my name for Sam) on Saturday. Think it will do Ev the world of good ~ and us! 

Even though im a bit of a geek and (allegedly, before anyone else says it) supposed to know a bit about IT im amazed about how easy it has been to connect up and use Facebook, Twitter, Mail and Skype to keep people updated. I guess these tools do get used for a lot of time-wasting but it has been so, so, valuable these last few days (months in fact) and will hopefully enable us to provide some updates to our family and friends over the next few days. That said, please bear with us if we dont get chance to update (and dont forget the 6 hour delay). 

Anyway, after the hospital appts we went to nearby "Applebees" for a spot of lunch then back to the hotel. Evan is "first up" tomorrow (which is a massive relief given that he is "nil by mouth" from midnight tonight) and we need to be at the hospital for 5:45 (11:45am UK time) with his op at 7:30 (1:30pm UK time). So, we have to be up at 4ish to get the taxi at 5:15. Which means bed at about 8/8:30. We are all a bit anxious but are sure that we are in safe hands. We are so buoyed by all of the good wishes, love and prayers that we are getting from back home. Really means a lot to us - hope you all understand that we cant reply to all but we do take time to read each one (sort of like Tony Hart and/or the birthday slot on cbeebies.....). Also gobsmacked about the number of blog hits (323 for "day 3"...!!!). Think a certain colleague of mine will be getting in touch for some tips on my return ;) #irony ~ although I know the hits are more out of love for Ev than of my ramblings - but hope they keep everyone informed. 

On that note, i'll stop for now. Need to go sort the laundry out. Some things never change..... 


  1. Wishing you all the best Evan, your in very safe hands!! See you soon for a game of Total Wipeout on DS - Ben ( and the rest of us XXX) xx

  2. Good luck with your operation Evan. From Toby and all at no 10.