Saturday, 29 January 2011

Waiting around - Day 8 - Saturday 29th Jan

To be honest, not a great deal to report today... Evan has been pretty much sedated since his Op and, although we have now been moved to the 12th floor, things are going according to the plan. It is a bit weird as, having followed the ops of other SDR kids on Facebook, we kind of know what's coming and we find ourselves recognising certain stages. We are also accustomed to the various beeps and alarms and, rather than being jumpy when they occur, we know how to respond to them. Well, so far - touch wood. Everyone in the hospital has been so kind to us. 

The plan is for his medication to be reduced over the cause of today - which may well have the impact of making him a bit grumpy - and for him to eat and/or drink something. However, he does seem very sleepy so we will need to see. We are still well behind with our sleep but we are almost "past sleeping" and with it being a nice, bright, sunny St Louis day it's difficult to think about sleeping at the moment. 

Every so often, Ev has his "vitals" checked, or he is turned over, or he needs the loo (which he calls "needing the pot"....) and each time he settles back down easier than the time before. Apparently, the next day or so will see a massive change - so there will be more to report tomorrow. 

However, today is also about our other kids, Maya and Sam who are currently somewhere over Michigan by the looks of it;
     Latitude:46-10-48.0 N,
     Longitude:83-45-00.0 W,
     Speed:506 mph (815 kph),
     Altitude:38,000 feet (11,582 meters)
     To ORD:358 miles (577 km),
     From MAN:3,466 miles (5,577 km) be accurate.
We have temporarily split up the family unit and it will, to a degree, be put back together this weekend. The trip will be an all too brief 7 days, and we wish it could be more but of all the different combinations and permutations this one seemed the least disruptive and best in terms of getting Evan the support he needed while being together as a family. However, it's been tough (the longest we have been away from any of the kids) and there are probably tougher times to come once half of the family return and half are still here. However, we have to do what we have to do.... Skype, Facebook and Gmail will have to provide virtual hugs, kisses and long-range bedtime stories, and im sure the Yummy Mummies especially (but also family, friends and colleagues) will look after the half that returns but for a week we get the real thing. So, so, looking forward to it !!

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