Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Free day - Day Four - Tuesday 25th Jan

Firstly, I just noticed I got the date wrong on yesterday's blog. I guess I'm allowed to not know what day it is...

Also, I missed off a couple of things from yesterday's blog. Firstly, the team at the hospital look to reduce the spasticity (tightness) and can get differing levels of improvement. They estimate a 100% reduction with Ev. Which is awesome. Also, they think he shouldnt need his "legs" (his twister braces and AFOs) afterwards. Which, if anyone has seen them will know how much they impede him. For instance, he has to have shoes a size or two bigger than he needs, as well as trousers a size up as they are so big. Plus, he might be able to support himself so much more, such as when he goes to the toilet. At the moment he simply cant sort his trousers out so he needs help each time. As well as the headline of "walking" the little stuff will also have such a big impact in his day-to-day life.

We had a free day today so, after breakfast and skyping the kids we headed off to the zoo. We got the shuttle bus to the Metro-link and took a couple of stops to where we needed to get to. It's difficult to explain, but it looks so stereotypically "Proper American". Just like "off the telly". We then had a bit of a trek to the zoo - everywhere is so spaced out so it seems to be in the middle of nowhere. However, when we got there it looked great, although it isnt an exaggeration to say that there were more staff than customers. Probably due to the weather and being out of season. However, it is (apparently) the US' best zoo and even though we couldnt see it all, we were very impressed. We saw Orang utangs, Chimps, Gorillas, Penguins, Puffins, Grizzly bear, Tree Kangaroo, Insect House, Butterfly House, etc. To be honest, I think the lack of sleep was catching up with Ev and he was a bit tired/grumpy (the cold didnt help) so we headed back to the Metro and are now back to the hotel. It is a "residence inn" which basically means that it's a self-catering hotel so we are having meatballs this evening.

Tomorrow, we have some assessments back at the hospital, and find out when he is scheduled for surgery so will try and provide updates as soon as we know.

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  1. All sounds absolutely fantastic !
    I'm really "chuffed to bits" for everybody, but of course for Evan and his "Wipeout".
    I guess you've learned never to order a medium pizza for yourself, I did long ago (finished it though).
    We're off to sunny Scotland now, so looking forward to catching up with y'all, next week.