Friday, 30 July 2010

Walk for Evan - Saturday 7th August - 4pm - Aireville Park

The last few days have been really great - overwhelming (my new favourite adjective), but great. However, one thing that we are keen to ensure happens is that we involve Evan in as much of this as possible and that everyone who wants to, gets chance to meet and speak to him. It's amazing that so many people have got involved and given time, money and effort and they havent even met him. So, we have decided to arrange a "Walk for Evan" next Saturday (7th) at 4pm in Aireville park. Meeting up at the swimming pool car park and walking down towards the play-area. Literally, a couple of hundred yards. So it shouldnt take more than an hour of your time.

It isn't a fundraiser (although there might be some buckets there....) and is partly about awareness, but it's mostly about having the chance for Evan to meet the people who are joining him on his journey. Its also an opportunity for our various groups (work, family, friends, etc) to intermingle. Oh, and by the way - we wont be far away from Herriots - so the "networking" might gravitate towards there....

In terms of the awareness bit, we are hoping to get some local press coverage and take some photos, video, etc. To that end, we thought it would be a nice idea for people to wear either something blue or something orange (matching the the colours of the logo on his website). If you need something orange, the next batch of wristbands (minimum donation £3...) should hopefully be available ;)

Please feel free to join us ~ if you are near Skipton it should only take an hour or so out of your day. It would be great to make this a real "personal" kick-off to the journey.

Fetch the kids, they can play in the park. Fetch other adults, they can play in the pub.

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  1. hi there i am a friend of heather kimberleys and i want to help i workk as a ta in a local school and would like to sell your bands there also i know a cuople of shop owners very well!! that will help sell bands and posters please contact me on facebook i have sent a member request xx lisa ledger