Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Just another day...

An interesting day today - started the same way as usual (kids, bedlam, tired) and ended the same way as usual (kids, bedlam, tired). However, in between there was so much good stuff. Had a bit of a quiet start (did a bit of design work on my big idea ~ more on that in due course, but it's all starting to come together) then took Evan into work to meet Loup at work and introduce him to a few of the people who have heard so much about him. He was on absolute top form - if we had coached him to be a perfect advert for his campaign we couldn't have done it better - but we didn't, that's just him.

We then had an appointment at the hospital - his annual check-up with his orthopaedic surgeon. I was a bit worried about it and that they might try to warn us off, as the treatment is so unknown over here. Couldn't be further from the truth. When I said the expectation that we had was that he might walk unaided, the reaction was simple - they just nodded their head as if to think it was perfectly normal. It all seems so surreal but I don't think we are dealing with magic beans here. Still need to be aware that it's a long, long road and going to be hard work for everyone involved - not least Evan.

Well, back to it. Probably need to pop by and say hello to Loup who is now sorting passports out... Looks like the wristbands are somewhere between Leeds and Birmingham and, with a fair head wind up the M1, might be with us tomorrow. That said, they are flying out and I may need to ration them - apologies if we cant give you as many as you would like. However, the next batch are due to be ordered straight away and this time - it's a seriously big order.

Thanks again for everyone's support - it's getting to the point where we have pretty much lost track of exactly everybody who has played a part and the spreadsheet that we tried to keep up to date is well behind track. We know who you all are though.

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