Friday, 23 July 2010

Great start (before we have even started)

An interesting week...our main concern throughout has always been to wait for, and hopefully receive, the "ok" from St Louis. However, how things have progressed this week has been phenomenal. Loads of great support from loads of great people. Too many to mention here, for now...

Last night's SBS IT Quiz was great - although it was the first "event" I have attended for Evan's Big Journey, and im not really one for "centre-stage"... it was great though (as expected ~ they always are) and in the end we made £912 from the raffle, "Super Reverse Bingo" and a few other bits. Brilliant!!! We have actually now raised more than £2000 and we havent even started yet...

For those of you who have helped, Evan has created a little something ~ please feel free to take a look (requires Facebook....) ~ simply click on the link below:

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