Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The screening room

Hi, Just wanted to post a quick update to say that St Louis have confirmed that they have received the package, and have been able to unpack the data from the disks ! Which is a great step. So, Evan is now "in the screening room" and he should be screened in the next two weeks. Fingers firmly crossed.

So, while the support and messages (and cash!) that we have had this week are absolutely fantastic (even more than we can say !!!), it is still at an early stage. We SO want this to happen - as it will make a massive difference to Evan. Those of you who know him well, and who have seen the videos of what they can do with SDR will truly understand ~ and, in time, we will introduce Evan to everyone who hasnt been fortunate enough to have met him. However, there is a chance that it wont come off (but please, please, please keep those fingers crossed) ~ so if we seem a little reticent about it, until we find out - i'm sure you will understand.

Thanks again, to everyone who has helped make this week truly bonkers. (as Mr D.Rascal would say).

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