Saturday, 3 July 2010

Day to day

I guess its easy to get caught up in the whole fundraising stuff and maybe people who dont know Evan wont understand what impact it will really make to him. (Even if there is a tiny improvement, as a result). Last week we went out for the day, and took a visit to the park at Ilkley where there is a lovely little kids playground. As Sam and Maya ran into the distance, Evan and I drove around (well, he sat and I wheeled) looking to choose something. Of course, he chose the obstacle course and we embarked on our own "Total Wipeout" game. We timed ourselves getting from one end to the other and he did really well, and enjoyed it so much, but I had to hold him all the way and in a hot day, we worked up a sweat. In the end, we had a couple of goes and he enjoyed it so much - but during that time, Sam and Maya had been on probably 10 different things. If we get to St Louis and have the op he wont become Dynamo Joe straight away (if you need to ask, you dont need to know), but if he gets a chance to play more independently, it will mean so much.

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