Monday, 12 July 2010

Got them !!!

Great news on the data collecting today. Picked up the MRI scan from the Drs (thanks to Dr W), picked up the video of Evan in movement (thanks to Grandma Skipton) and then went to the hospital. We had the x-rays ok but when it came to getting them on DVD we had a couple of enquiring questions and someone "just popping off to check....". I had to take Sam to the car (as per usual) and so had a nervous wait. Loup (erm, that's Lynda to everyone else) arrived back at the car with Evan and, in her handbag, a DVD !!!!!!

Just need to collate it all this evening, ready to be sent off to St Louis tomorrow, but this is the most significant step yet. From what we have heard, once they receive this (hopefully by the end of the week) you then get an answer back within a couple of weeks. So we may well know before the end of July.... good, but nervous times!

Thanks again for everyone's kind wishes of support, so far.


  1. Great news. Things should start to move faster soon.

  2. Every thing crossed that the man from St Louis is say YES!!!!