Tuesday, 20 July 2010


...and we're really, really happy with them. Bright orange, with clear black writing- quality looks good as well. Brilliant value at just £3 (suggested donation). However, we are already down from 200 to about 130. Dont worry - already going to order another batch... If you want one at work, see myself, Lynda, Nigel W or Ewan L. They know where they are and where the money goes.

We are also going to try and take them to school drop off / pick-ups but obviously there aren't many days left and it's usually chaos - so please bear with us - we will try our best to do this. If you do want one at school - please take exact change (£3) and try and catch us.

Alternatively, drop myself or Lynda an FB message and we will try to reserve one for you (while stocks last).

Thanks in advance !

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