Monday, 19 July 2010

Whirlwind start

I was going to write a note about how the last 48 hours have been a total blur and that we had a great day yesterday aided and abetted by brilliant people. Which was followed by an as good day today. Which started off with someone donating a £65 prize before 9o'clock and a raffle almost springing up out of nowhere with, at a one point, someone selling £100 of raffle tickets in about half-hour and the retail board not knowing what hit them. Very much looking forward to the IT quiz on Thursday - I need to buy a few people a drink !!!

But im not going to write about that - because when I got home, Evan was in bed but not yet asleep. He crept out of bed and was on the landing, all blue-eyes and "hello dad". Followed by "shall we have a hug, and then a goodnight-kiss and you can tell me about your day, and I can tell you about mine".... "shall we?".

I can hear the "awwww bless" and people diving for the "like" button already ~ but don't be fooled ~ I know a delay tactic when I hear one and I told him so. To which I got the a grin which conceded he'd been rumbled. Still, it was lovely....

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