Monday, 4 October 2010

A Big Week on our Big Journey

Things are going great, if not a bit "hell for leather" right now. So, a mad-dash update - as best I can. We crashed through the £30k barrier last week - which was £10k in just 8 days. However, a lot of that was money from the ball tickets - so was a definite spike. Still need to keep going to get that last quarter. Crikey, we are down to the last quarter - so far, so quickly... awesome!

On Saturday we attended "Buster's Bash" which was fantastic - not just because the guys are helping to fundraise - but because it was a great, great, night. Met some brilliant people. Hope we can make it next year! On Sunday, the Yummy Mummies (assisted by Loup, Maya & Evan) did a bag pack at the Co-op in Silsden. Today (Monday) was the first day of "Week of Evan" at work, we had a very successful tombola and planned for the ducking stool tomorrow. The finale is the dress down day on Friday. Then, of course, it's "EVAN'S BIG BALL" on Saturday (tickets only available for 24 hours now....) and if that wasnt enough it's "KATY'S COFFEE MORNING" in the morning. St James' church. (on a personal note, we also need to get Maya to a tap show recital in the middle of all that!)

If you want a ticket to the ball, there is still time. Meal, Auction, Entertainment and DJ - plus Evan will be there as well (at the start - form an orderly queue.... ). If you are in the area, please pop into the Coffee morning. It's building up to be a massive event. Get there early - fetch the kids, fetch your gran, but fetch your wallet. Come on - once we have raised the money (and hopefully had fun in the meantime) we can then leave you alone and we can all go back to having a normal, boring life. What will we all do with our time once this is all over....

See you Saturday ?

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