Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Another guest blog - Elvis speaks !

Elvis suits on and we’ re ready to rock,
Spirits are high so start the clock.

Ambleside’ s glorious but here comes the rain,
10 miles in and already there’ s pain.

Old stories and banter help us along,
But legs start to tire; we’ ve got to stay strong.

A sit down in Kendal, for a much needed snack,
Then on through the towns, we’ re still on track.

Last push to Ingleton, boy this is tough,
We’ ve made it halfway, but we’ re all feeling rough.

A couple of pints and a bite to eat,
Then back to the room to tend to our feet.

Blisters are big and have started to weep,
Now patched up with plasters, we need a good sleep.

Alarm goes at six; we need to get going,
30 miles left and the tiredness is showing.

Motivational messages keep buzzing through,
And support from the locals is too good to be true.

We’ re on the canal, 10 miles and we’ re there,
It’ s boggy and rough but now we don’ t care.

Round the last bend and everyone’ s cheering
Fireworks go off, “ Let’ s get the beer in” .

Hugs and kisses from those that we greet,
Five pals from Silsden have pulled off this feat

63 miles, that’ s what we did,
High-Fives from Evan, that was for you kid!

Jamie Cunningham

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