Monday, 27 September 2010

Andrew's Little Journey

At around 5pm yesterday I found myself at the top of Ingleborough ~ after completing the third of the three (Yorkshire) peaks. Which in itself was a feat, as 10 minutes previously  I had been struck down with cramp in both calves - so I nearly had to be good to my word that I would crawl round if I had to.

Against his better judgement, I had been able to beg, cajole and in the end, partly emotionally blackmail my colleague and friend Nigel to come with me (as well as Sarah - another colleague). Which was a good thing, as everyone else had buggered off in front of us (excuse the colloquialism). I hadn't realised how steep and tricky (for me - not being the best at heights) the last bit was going to be and when I got to the top, I wasn't exactly sure I could make it back down a particular stretch. Luckily, Nigel offered support, guidance and eventually reminded me that there were two ways down - on foot or in a helicopter. If I was worried about going on telly in normal circumstances, I was sure as hell not going to be on Look North that way. So, I managed to get myself down and we then ambled back home. As it turns out, most people cant see a yard in front of their faces on top of Ingleborough. Which in my case might have been a blessing in disguise and I wouldnt have known what I was letting myself in for....

Earlier in the day, we had scooted up Pen-y-Ghent with around 38 others, including Maya (who I was SO, SO, proud of) and Grandad Skipton. They headed back home and the rest of us pressed on to Whernside and beyond. The trek to the base of Whernside took us in the opposite direction as the Cyclo-cross riders (400+ of them!) - which seems like an interesting pursuit. (Where "interesting" = "what the ....").

Anyway, we got back in one piece - I didnt really have a target time, but given no real preparation (other than running up and down the stairs at home, which is bizzarely representative for Ingleborough) I think I was quietly chuffed with 11 hours 20. Probably, the best part of 4 hours behind the ones who had buggered off initially (excuse the colloquialism again) ~ but we made it.

There are plenty of obvious parallels to what we are doing for Evan - it's a massive undertaking and there are times when we are sat on top of a hill, not sure we can make it down the other side but there are so many people who are there to help and it's going to be such an achievement that we simply cant not do it.

In terms of events, this is a big couple of weeks - we have had the race night and 3 peaks (which both should raise decent sums) and we have Buster's Bash and Evan's Big Ball coming up in consecutive weeks and there are a number of sponsored events which have been really well supported as well. Thanks again!!

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  1. Although I hated it at times, it really was a pleasure to take part in the 3-peaks fund raiser with Andrew in support of Evan's big journey. I was very impressed with Andrew's determination to complete the course (I wont be doing it again). Nige