Friday, 22 October 2010

Guest blog from Evan's Mum - Big Update

Firstly, a MASSIVE, MASSIVE, thank you to everyone who has supported Evan's Big Journey so far.  Your help and support is mindblowing and we never ever thought we'd reach this point so quickly. When we started off back in July, we launched our campaign with a minimum target of 45k which, at the time, we'd estimated would cover the op, accommodation and flights.  A little further down the line, the hospital in St Louis advised that Evan would also benefit from a further operation to lengthen his heel cords, this would increase the benefits of the SDR surgery but comes with an extra cost and hostpital stay (within the month we will be there).  He also has a program of physio to follow for over a year following the op and with the NHS cuts, we will need to go private to get this (we obviously do what we can every day but we're not trained to teach someone to walk!).  So, I guess what I'm saying is that although we've reached our original 45k target which is amazing, we need to keep going.  Please continue to support our remaining events (as they're all fantastic events, fundraising or not!) to try and pay for all the additional costs and any hidden extras that crop up along the way.  Rest assured, we will not spend a single penny that isn't required to give Evan the best out of this once in a lifetime opportunity and whatever is left will be passed onto another child desperate for this wonderful operation.

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