Sunday, 24 October 2010

We're caught in a trap...

Yesterday was an awesome day to report on. It started at 9am (well, for us - the Elvii had been on the road since early morning) with Evan shouting "Ready, steady, go!" and approx 30 kids and parents, mainly from Silsden schools, set off from Silsden - headed to Skipton. I took Evan by car to meeting points at Kildwick, Cononley, Bradley, Snaygill and then finally at Skipton where we had some very kindly provided, and very well earned, free chips! (thanks!).

We then headed up to Gargrave to meet up with the Elvises (not sure of the proper plural of Elvis). Evan provided "high-5s" and hopefully inspiration for the final push and then Grandad Silsden took him home. I then stuck with them to try and provide support, not to mention Red Bull. 

I was only there for the last couple of hours but seeing the reaction on the roads was brilliant. Every beep of a passing horn or someone smiling from a barge seemed to provide a little shot of adrenalin. As we headed past local landmarks (Farnhill pinnacle, White Lion, Jackson's Bridge, Allotments, Youth club field) we knew we were nearly home and, as darkness fell, the last mile was completed in moonlight.

I saw first hand how much effort these guys put in and at points you could see that every single step was hurting them so so much. However, once we could see the bridge they got their last wind and the Elvises did what they do best (well...) and they strode home to a chorus of Suspicious Minds. Which was soon, thankfully, replaced by a cacophony of cheering and fireworks.

The atmosphere in the pub afternoon summed up the day - a great community effort and something which makes us feel very proud to be a part of. 

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