Monday, 11 October 2010

The day after the day after the night before...

Two days ago (as I write this) we were just tucking into our starters at the beginning of one of the biggest and best nights that I, and many people we have spoken to since, can remember. On top of that, 10 hours previously I was in the midst of quite possibly one of the best ever attended Coffee Mornings that Silsden has ever seen. 

I have been thinking what to write and I simply cant put down in words how it felt to be at both those events. The coffee morning was simply stupendous - shoulder to shoulder. A massive and truly fantastic COMMUNITY event. We try not to single people out as there are so many people working behind the scenes who we couldn't do all of this without, but in this instance we really need to mention Katy who was the driving force of this - very ably assisted by the incomparable Yummy Mummies (and assorted other helpers). People were literally queueing up to get in and then looking round and saying "I cant believe there are so many people here". 

After a mad dash around in the afternoon, the ball was upon us. Final touches and flourishes were applied as bedecked and bejewelled members of "Team Evan" (an ever growing team - everyone welcome) congregated for our show-piece event. Without doubt the star of the show was Evan himself, who made a cameo appearance before being whisked off back to bed, at the end of a very busy day for him. 

The rest of the evening is a whirl - a pretty lady did a speech, some guy managed to get the video to play, another guy held it all together perfectly while another guy watched on what has been a massive effort on his part. People joined in, had a laugh, fell asleep, fell over, made new friends, renewed old friends, danced (even me!), drank, and generally partied and partied and partied. As someone said, "It was like a really good wedding do". Oh yes, and we raised a shed-load of money in the process - but at the time, it just didnt feel like it was the main reason we were there ~ which is what we wanted to aim for. 

It's a cliche, but there was so much "love in the room". I just wish we could go back and bottle it ! 

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