Friday, 3 September 2010

Been busy...

Hello fellow journey(wo)men, apologies for the lack of blog recently. Been busy. Took a couple of weeks off - week one was to truly recharge the batteries and week two was to recover from week one. Really good times - quality time with Loup and the kids. Then had to go back to work and attempt to return to my "day job", but in all honestly (and here's hoping that a few people arent reading this...) it has been very difficult because of the sheer volume of "journey stuff" that we have had to catch up on. 

However, on my last day before I returned to work I visited Twitterland (which, in my opinion, is the severely underrated little brother of the noisy elder sibling Facebook...) and was amazingly lucky enough to hit a vein of generosity. Long story short, is that we generated more than 3000 website hits in 2 days (previously 2000 in 2 months) and a number of donations - some from celebrities - which led to a slightly surreal couple of days, and emails in my inbox that we could never have expected. However, while it is fantastic to get celebrity patronage, it is equally heart warming (probably more so - sorry CW...) to get the smaller donation from a student or a handwritten note and donation from someone who perhaps doesnt have so much to spare. That said, we can absolutely guarantee that EVERY single donation, offer of well wishes, kind thought, piece of sponsorship, event, suggestion, etc is so absolutely very much appreciated. Sometimes I think we run out of superlatives and it can seem trite to have to repeat our thanks - but we are really, really, really, so appreciative. 

Anyway, some "Parish notes" are probably required ~ as you might have seen earlier this week, we got past a major milestone and went into 5 figures. We are probably now on about £11,000 ~ which is obviously 25% of the way - Fantastic. Lynda is working on the charity ball (a few tickets are still available) and things are coming together in that respect - please dont make her chase too much for the cash (believe me - I know what she's like when she wants money off you....;). We have got the latest batch of wristbands and there are plenty of spares if you wish to help sell them and spread the word - if you want to take some, please let us know. A number of events are already in the pipeline, including (and massive apologies for those not mentioned) a Ceilidh, a gig, a dance/band night, more sponsored walks, race night, darts+doms night and the "Yummy Mummys" are still threatening to launch a calendar.... hopefully more news on this shortly....

Anyway, me and Evan's Mum (a.k.a the wife) promised ourselves that we might actually get chance to see each other tonight (that plan's working out well?) ~ so I must go. 

One final thought ~ CHRISTMAS IS COMING !!! 

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