Sunday, 22 August 2010

All good fun...

Crikey, crikey, crikey. Things are starting to fall into place, thanks to some very fantastic support all round. We have had great coverage in the Craven Herald, Keighley News and Telegraph & Argus - MASSIVE thanks to all involved. Evan took his new found "fame" all in his stride, as ever. Lynda is starting to pick up the work related to the fundraising ball which we hope will be brilliant, but a big undertaking for her and her organising team. Not only will this hopefully raise some ££££ but will be a good celebration as well. I've got a few bits and bobs on the go - my "big fundraising thing" which is very nearly ready to publicise - just need to dot a few i's and cross a few t's, a 24 hour sponsored snooker thing with the lads up at the Sunnybank - which will have a competition element as well (more dots and crosses before can publicise - please bear with us) and also a gig in January next year - which we hope we will be the icing on the cake and be the final fundraising event, so an excuse for a bloody good party... will be playing for us.

In terms of the op, we have received the paperwork from the wonderful team at St Louis and are just working through it.

Right, off to bed... - we are in the middle of a very much needed two week break (even if I do say it myself) and it has been great to spend some time with the kids. Took Evan and Maya to Ella's birthday party today, which was great - while Sam went Motorcrossing with Loup. He was full of it when he came back. He's really come on these last couple of weeks. Cant believe he is starting school (well, nursery @ Aireview - so just half days) in a couple of weeks. (£28 for school shoes...???... but dont get me started on that). Maya has been doing the real summer holiday thing of playing out until late and then just collapsing as soon as she comes in. All good fun.


  1. The Syndicates are so looking forward to playing this gig for you to mark the sending off of Evan on his wonderful Journey.xxxx See you all on January 14th, It's going to be a party to're gonna love it !!!!!

  2. Hi
    Do you need some help with making invites etc to your fund raisers Bee and Dee Click on our followers picture to go to our blog and leave a message. Bee and Dee