Tuesday, 14 September 2010


The kids are back at school, the nights are drawing in, and things are speeding up. We have the ball - which is moving from the planning phase to the "get cash" & planning phases, and then into the last minute panic phase in a week or so. Loup is doing a great job with this. We also have started selling our "WIN CHRISTMAS" tickets which we hope will play a major part in the fundraising. As ever, if you want more details get in touch.

Having had a good few pieces of coverage recently, so many people are getting in touch. For instance, I met with 3 great guys tonight who are hoping to raise a sizeable chunk from a "do" they are having - and then returned home to see about 14 emails in my inbox from people who wanted to help.

As I have mentioned before, we couldnt do this without the assistance of some brilliant individuals. It would be unfair to name names, as everyone's efforts are so much appreciated. However, here are a few examples: There are a few people at work who have offered so much help - even though they have plenty going on themselves. They are the engine room, of our operations at SBS. There are also people who offer seemingly undying support and enthusiasm - which is a rare commodity "in the current climate". Outside of work, a new friend is constantly coming up with new ideas and has boundless energy. Parents and teachers at both schools, and at Sam's nursery, are so willing to get involved that we can hardly keep up with them. Another brilliant friend is working tirelessly to bring a few "key items" together and is doing a fantastic job. Nearly last but not least - we also have had so much support from our family that we cannot say thanks enough. The final group of brilliant people are the ones who live in my house, with me - my family. That's why we are doing it, not just for Evan, but for all of us.... and we do appreciate how lucky we are.

With the kids being back at school, it's got a bit tiring this week - looking forward to an unexpected day off on Saturday and then allowing Loup the same on Sunday - before loads and loads of stuff kicks in ~ the final pushes before the main event. I need to get my head (and body) around doing the 3 peaks, a 24 hour snooker challenge and no doubt being forced to dance at the ball - all in the next 6 weeks. Oh yes, and there is Christmas in there somewhere, as well. busy, busy, busy, but we know we have the right people behind us.

Thanks again!

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