Saturday, 7 August 2010

Another great week ! ~ more to come !!

Another great week, supported by great people. The latest delivery of (300) wristbands have arrived and been distributed - just waiting for the proceeds to roll in (should make £1000 from these) - apologies for not getting them to everyone in the quantities that you needed. However, we do have a MASSIVE order (3000!) on the way - eta end August. Why do we need so many ? - well, watch this space but we have a really great opportunity (and 3000 might not be enough - crikey!)

There are a couple of massive things in the pipleline. My own personal project is coming on really well and we had an unexpected and amazing piece of news during the week to help with this. Again, watch this space - the target for this is £20k. We will need everyone's help on this shortly.

We are also very hopeful of the opportunity to host a Fundraising Ball in November. If you are interested in taking a table (most likely £400 for table of 10) let us know. However, still early days - more details to follow.

As well as these big things - it is actually the individual events which are really heartening. Ged's 3 peaks walk, T-dog's bike ride, Mike H 3 peaks run, Gary swimming a loch, Grandma Skipton's DVD's, QUINGO, Race night, Clive and his mates from the branch planning a 56 mile run, the coffee mornings, other sponsored walks and the other ones that I have certainly missed off (sorry - im writing this in battle-conditions, being jumped on by Sam while Evan re-enacts last weeks "101 ways to leave a game-show"). Not to forget the engine room back at work - which is all the people helping to sort things out and the people who are picking up my "day job".

Finally, hope to see you this afternoon. It's important to us that we keep this personal and that everyone gets a chance to interact with Evan (and Maya & Sam) and that he gets to see the people who are involved. However, if you cant make it - please dont worry, there will be plenty of chances to come.

Thanks again !

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  1. Glad it all seems to be coming together!!