Sunday, 19 December 2010

What's in store?

Now that we have "got there" (in one sense) people are starting to ask questions about what will happen when we actually do "get there" (in the truer sense). The honest answer is that we don't totally know. We know the times of the flights, where we are staying, when we have to go to the hospital. We also know enough about the operation and the recover afterwards - but the reality will need to be filled in when we get there. How cold will it actually be, how much of a pain will the various transfers be, what will the breakfast be like, can we find a video-game store (most, most, important), what about the jet-lag, how will Evan react when we get to the hospital, and how will we react, and a million more questions that pose themselves at 3am. However, the following might be useful if you are interested. Get Mitchell to America . It's really close to what we will be going through - staying in the same hotel, same op, same hospital, same doctor and perhaps many of the same problems. It may well give you loads of info - it has for me!

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