Thursday, 9 December 2010

Time flies by

Conscious that haven't provided an update recently, but been trying to put EBJ ever so slightly to one side (as if that was possible) so we can ensure Santa arrives, fully laden - well, laden. However, as ever, the last couple of weeks have been barmy (as in "very busy" rather than "very warm weather".....)

There was the Christmas Market and "Evan's Big Switch On" as well as front pages on both Keighley News ( and then Craven Herald ( Must admit, it was a very strange experience being in Sainsburys a couple of weeks ago. At the end of each aisle they have a news-stand which has 2 copies of the K.News on display, That's about 20 aisles! Is that how Cheryl Cole feels when Heat comes out ? erm, probably not quite.

Of course, there have been a couple of last events this year and money from previous events still rolls in, and we are also thinking about the gig/party which we really hope every one who is associated with "Team Evan" can come along, but the best bit recently has been delivering Christmas to the winner of "Win Christmas". I think "gobsmacked" sums it up pretty well...

We do, of course, have an eye on the trip and need to arrange the actual payment to the hospital as well as tweaking the schedule, sorting insurance, taxis, cash while we are out there, and this evening trying to work out the impact of jet-lag on the kids on their return. However, one step at a time.....

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