Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Flippin'eck it's Christmas next week...

...yet still we have our minds on other things. Dont worry, we are just about done helping Santa getting everything in order but the days are going far too quickly.... 38 days until we go with only 17 work days left before then !

We met up with Ben ( and his family at the weekend. They go on New Years Day and the parallels between Ben and Evan is amazing. Hope everything goes ok for them, and we look forward to meeting up in St Louis.

As you do at this time of year, we went to Evan and Sam's school for Sam's Nativity performance on Monday  (He was 3rd Star from the right, in case you were wondering). Evan was playing out on his frame, which is something I rarely see - even at home, mainly because there isnt enough room in the house, there isnt time, the weather isnt great, he's too tired, etc... He normally gets chance to play out at school but understandably hasnt had chance with the snow on the ground. It really does affect his mobility if he doesnt get this exercise and it was a bit upsetting to see how bad his "walking" really gets after a while. His legs seem so small and so weak. He gets around fine, and of course he was happy - playing with Alex - but is really up on his toes and you can see how bad he gets. Even if, in the short term, the impact is that he can just get flat-footed it will honestly be worth it all. However, knowing Ev, im sure he wont stop there...

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