Sunday, 13 June 2010

Big Week

Big week coming up: Loads on at work (3/6 people off and the auditors are in all week...), the school intro meeting for Sam on Wed (jeez, where did those 3yrs go?), Loup going to the races on Thursday (very well deserved break) and then her birthday on Friday. Not to mention the small matter of the England game that day as well (boy, that is going to cost me to watch it ;)

However, the biggest part is that we have an appointment with Evan's consultant at CDC (Child Development Centre @ Airedale) on Thursday. We are going to discuss SDR and see how they can help get the info that we need (scans, xrays, etc). Quite nervous, because if they aren't 100% behind us, it will make it all the more difficult. Hopefully, they will be as positive and helpful as they have with everything else to date...

PS ~ Thanks to everyone who has been suggesting fundraising ideas. It really is great to know that people are so willing to help. Keep thinking, as when we get the ok it will then be all hands on deck (or should that be hands in pockets...)

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