Monday, 21 June 2010

Behind the scenes

Hi - nothing much to report in terms of specific progress but we are liaising with the hospital about x-rays, scans, etc and, yesterday, we also took the video clips that we need to send off - with Ev doing different postures and transitions between these certain postures. We also have loads of people helping out with fundraising ideas.

Loads of things from Car Boot sales, sponsored walks, photo dvd's, Yummy Mummys calendar (think they are all a little too keen on doing this one... ) as well as ideas forming for bigger things such as auctions, raffles, charity balls, sportsman's dinners, race nights, battle of the band nights, other gigs, etc, etc (SORRY if I have missed anyone). We are also looking at getting a website up and are working on this - more on this later.

Thanks again!

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