Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Carrying on, carrying on... Wednesday 3rd July, 2013

I was going to apologise for lack of recent blogging activity but sometimes there isn't one to write. That doesn't mean that there isn't anything happening - quite the opposite - but sometimes it feels right to not write one for a while and then have the chance to look back.

So what's happened over the last couple of months since the last update (Feb - when we went for a walk) ?

Well - lots of bits really, much in terms of basics. Ev's getting stronger, faster, more controlled and increasingly confident with each new step. He's done some independent swimming on his back (on its own this is a big thing for him... )

He's been on his first school trip on his own (more of an ordeal for Loup than Ev...)

There have also been some great improvements in the distance he can walk independently - even progressing to outdoors.

Next step is to do some work on stopping and turning round !!

I've missed stuff off - not intentionally, and will kick myself when I hit publish but I think the amount there is to potentially leave out shows how much there is to put in.

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