Thursday, 16 August 2012

Inspired - Thursday 16th August

It's only a few days since the end of the Olympics, bid farewell by the brilliantly bonkers closing ceremony, and every mention of what is next - the Paralympics - makes our hearts beat a little faster. It's a little over two months since we found out about Ev's involvement in the Paralympic Flame as Ambassador for Yorkshire and it was always such a long way off, and would be after the Olympics which felt like it would go on for ages.

It's here now though. Next week. Details are starting to feed through, and yesterday some (ahem, First Class) tickets for the journey down. It all feels slightly surreal to be getting the "vip treatment" but we are very appreciative of this opportunity and what it means. Everywhere still seems to be so "up" after the Olympics, especially what Team GB achieved, and to be a continued part of this in anyway is such a great opportunity. The paralympics is going to be fantastic and i'm sure Yorkshire will continue it's domination of sport (we are independent now as a result of the Olympics, right...?)

So many people have been asking about the trip and what we'll be doing and it's great to be able to share it. We have been arranging the trip with Tom and Amy who work with LOCOG on this as well as with ITV-Calendar who are going to accompany us and do some filming of the trip. We have a great opportunity to visit the National History Museum the day before. Totally, totally out of our comfort zone but it will hopefully be something that we can look back on, and gives us the opportunity to share, as much as possible, our trip with as many people as we can. Not just Team Evan - but anyone. In fact, after the last time we were on tv (sorry - I can't type that without the inner me raising an eyebrow...) we were contacted by someone who is going to STL with their son next year and are at the start of their own journey and who said "(we) thought it was wonderful that Evan is doing so well and the achievements he has made - such an inspiration for us".

I'll try and provide as many updates as we can (probably via twitter @andywhitton) but photos and blog will inevitably follow. 

If Evan can inspire just one person or one family in the same way that Team GB have and will inspire the whole nation then that will mean so much to us. 

Looking forward to it - nervous, excited, intrigued, inspired!

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