Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Down on the Farm - Monday 6th August

We never know where Evan's Big Journey will take us; a rain drenched walk to school one week, presenting an award at the O2 Yorkshire Media Awards the next. As a result of the latter we were lucky enough to meet a couple of the actors from the show; Bhasker and Fiona - and a couple of weeks later we were lucky enough to get an invite to the Emmerdale studios in Leeds.

So off we drove a couple of days ago and were greeted by Alli who took us on a "behind the scenes" tour of the studios. To be honest, the kids are more into Phineas and Ferb than Amos and Mr Wilks and due to it being on around bathtime we dont watch it as much as we used to so they didnt really know the characters or locations but when we walked into the Woolpack, it was amazing (ok, for me it was...). The attention to detail was amazing - just like a real pub ! We had a few shots (photos, not drinks - although there is real beer in the pumps) and then moved on.

Even if not regular viewers we still recognised a lot of the sets (admittedly some from Harry Hill ?) but when we went into one set and saw a picture of Seth Armstrong (legend!) on top of the telly we had to have a picture with it. 

The boys loved it and even did a few scenes - which Alli most creatively and patiently directed. I think they would have stayed there all day re-enacting scenes.

However, our time was up and we were taken for lunch in the studio canteen and got chance to meet Bhasker again and then had to say bye to Alli and head back home.

We've since paid more attention to a couple of episodes and it's really weird to say "we stood there", "look, it's that" and "Ev was there". A really great experience and we were so lucky to be given the opportunity to visit. Massive thanks to everyone who was involved.

One final thing...

a spoiler.....

it's not called Emmerdale Farm any more !?

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