Thursday, 7 July 2011

This is why ! - Thursday 7th July

Quite a busy week since the last blog. On Saturday, Loup was able to take Ev "proper shoe shopping" - for the first time and he was able to get shoes that, although there were some considerations around ankle support, were just the same as ones that his schoolmates might wear. They didn't have to be two sizes too big to accommodate his splints.

He took special liking to a rather cool pair, if he does say so himself. It's something that hundreds of families do each week. Something so simple, but so great to be able to do it. (apart from the "they cost HOW much ?!" moment, of course). Hopefully, this is just one of the things that make Evan's Big Journey so worth while.

However, just like buses - once you get one "that can go on the blog" moment, another often follows on immediately (see video below). There isn't much that I can, or should add. Simply - to all of the wonderful people who helped support us and raise the cash to get us there, to all of the wonderful people who helped while we were in STL and also to all of the wonderful people who have supported us since - this is why we did it......


  1. Ev looks like you're ready for some big time "wipe out" sessions. Don't let dad get hurt.lolxxxx mad mike

  2. Evan you are doing so well. WELL DONE.... Annabelle would love to see you all soon. xx